We personally select bats from a variety of suppliers and specialist bat makers.  Choosing the right bat takes time – they come in all shapes and sizes. We have light bats, heavy bats, bats with low middle, specialist 20/20 bats.

The cricket bats we select are all still made by hand from English Willow.  Each cleve is shaped individually to the makers bat design and as a result each has its own characteristics based on the structure of the wood and the distribution of the weight, which affects its pick up.  The closeness and straightness of the grains in the wood will vary with very single bat and will affect its ability to help you middle the ball.  For this reason we believe it’s important that a bat is experienced before you buy to ensure that it is exactly right for you.

In our shop you have the chance to try a wide range of bats and select what best suits your style of play.  For Juniors, we have experienced staff on hand to advise regarding correct sizing and weight.  We pride ourselves in providing the best possible service.

The quality of wood and the skill used to make the bat determines the price. We supply quality bats at different price points and invite you to come and see our selection